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Transpersonal encompasses the spiritual, “the cosmos,” spirit guides, “mountain top experiences,” and so forth. I work from a transpersonal orientation – not a religious belief system. It is not problem if you as my client do not relate to such an orientation. This is not something I would impose on you.

This is a part of me and for good reason. I have been interested in the transpersonal since my teenage years, when I had a profound experience that moved into an ecstatic place quite unlike anything I had been in before. It changed me forever. It took almost 30 years, a lot of meditation, personal growth and therapy, but it is now part of my day-to-day life. When I sit in my therapist’s chair, I am being held by something much bigger than I am, which allows me to be present with my client in a very accepting way – a win-win for both of us.

The spiritual can be a powerful resource in the healing process. One interesting thing I have noticed is the younger the person was when trauma occurred, the more likely there is to be a strong spiritual resource. My hunch is that to an infant in hopeless distress (for example, the caretaker is not meeting the infant’s needs), the only resource available is the spiritual.